How To Create A Homemade Teeth Whitener

Having white and healthy teeth is something that everyone desires, but sadly not everyone was born with perfect teeth. No matter how straight your teeth may naturally be, if they are discolored or just plain yellow, they won’t ever look their best. Although it is obvious that teeth whitening is the answer, it can often be quite expensive to maintain getting them professionally done. Fortunately, you don’t exactly have to pay thousands of dollars just to maintain your teeth’s whiteness. You can actually make your own homemade teeth whitener and do the entire job yourself with ease. All it really takes is a bit of hard work, and it will be done.

Creating Your Own Teeth Whitener At Home

Teeth whitening is just one of those physical beauty treatments that seems to be very expensive and difficult to do on your own, but it really is just a method that can fit anyone’s budget. Most people could effectively whiten their teeth in the comfort of their home, using daily products that they already own. However, if you’ve been smoking or taking other addictive substances that have created significant stains, the home whitening process may not exactly be enough. These basic at home treatments are for people that just need to enhance their teeth by a couple shades, and not eliminating any severe stains.

Two of the best products for at home teeth whitening would have to be baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. While these products might may sound a little odd to be teeth whitening ingredients, they happen to be very effective. Since hydrogen peroxide was made to clean out basic scrapes and cuts, it does certainly work. Next time you are out shopping, consider looking for this specific ingredient in your toothpaste or teeth whitener. Most of the time, you will notice that these elements are the main ingredients to these products.

To whiten your teeth, simply swap your regular mouthwash with a bit of hydrogen peroxide then mix it with 1/2 and 1/2 with regular mouthwash. Swish all the liquid around directly in your mouth and throughout your teeth for about a minute or so before spit it all out. Once you get out all the liquid, go ahead to rinse your mouth using regular water to eliminate the taste.

Right after you have rinsed your mouth, brush your teeth with a bit of baking soda and toothpaste. Simply create a decent mixture of the two and use it to whiten your teeth. To make this basic mixture, put a little bit of toothpaste to a tiny cup, then mix in exactly one tsp of baking soda along with half a tsp of water. Once this concoction has been consistently mixed together and has achieved the consistency that’s like a paste, just put it in your mouth to brush your teeth. When brushing your teeth, be sure to get everything and continue brushing for two minutes the way you would normally and just spit everything out. Upon this completion, you will then successfully create a whitening treatment that is comparable to a ton of popular products that you will find in stores.

Remember to also do the 2 step whitening process at least once a week right until you have finally reached the results you desire. Once your teeth have achieved good and white appearance, limit yourself from using this whitening treatment to about once or twice every month.

If you do go on completing this treatment way too often, it can wear down the enamels on your teeth to make you a bit more susceptible with cavities. Although having perfectly white teeth is great, it isn’t worth having a mouth filled with cavities. Luckily, when you follow these basic steps without exactly overdoing them, you can and will achieve whiter and healthier teeth without the need of any professional help.

In reality, you don’t exactly have to pay so much just to whiten your teeth, because there are other non-professional ways to do so. Also, you don’t need the permission of your dentist to do this method to whiten your teeth, because it isn’t a harmful thing to do as long as you just do them a couple times a month.